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Two-Wheeler Loan - Eligibility Criteria & Required Documents

Some important things consider while buying a bike like its Price, Engine capacity, Performance, etc. After comparing these parameters you can take a good decision. If you want to buy a bike and you are looking for Two-Wheeler Loan then Bajaj Finance is the right option. Loan approval based on these parameters -

1.Eligibility Criteria

2.Required Documents

Eligibility Criteria -

Minimum Age: 18-65 Years

  • Residential status: Existing address 1-Year-old.

  • Employment status: Stable job 1 Year / Self-employed with IT return 2Years

  • Credit score: Minimum Score required

Required Documents -

Identity proof

• Aadhar card.

• PAN card.

• Driving license.

• Passport.

• An Electoral Voter ID card.

Address Proof

• Aadhar card.

• Passport.

• Driving license.

• PAN Card.

• Electricity bill.

• Phone bill.

• Bank passbook.

If you already have all the documents you can apply for a loan. To more about the Interest rate and how the interest rate is calculated you can simply check Two Wheeler Loan Interest Rate.

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